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Food, energy and water security are inextricably linked, and implications for the more than 500 million small holder farmers in the developing world to get beyond subsistence and improve quality life require technical assistance and support. New integrated approaches to manage nutrients across various disciplines (i.e., agriculture, aquaculture, livestock and wastewater) are needed to ensure environmental, economic and social benefits for key stakeholders and coastal ecosystems.

Global areas of low oxygen or hypoxia in coastal waters are growing. Loss of ecosystem services from these coastal zones is equal to USD 200 billion annually. Nevertheless, management and policy improvements across many sectors are resulting in sixty recovery systems worldwide. Proper nutrient management best practices must be scaled-up to ensure the long-term stewardship, conservation and sustainable management of our soil health and water resources.

A global nutrient management toolbox was developed to demonstrate policy and technological options, which offer such potential solutions to decision makers and practitioners alike. Please click on buttons to search the key elements of the toolbox:

BMP Database

Policy Database

Case Studies

Synthesis Report

Nutrient Management Policy Framework

Calculator Tool

From Source to Sea to Sustainability MOOC

Toolbox Overview

Technical User’s Manual