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Water Stewardship has a proven approach and farmer-accepted protocols for both whole-farm assessment and verification of conservation practices and the development of Continuous Improvement Programs (CIPs). What makes the Water Stewardship approach unique is the incorporation of numerical loads specific for each farm operation. Coincident with the CIP, WSI provides each farm with a quantitative estimate of their nutrient loss load using its Nutrient Load Estimator (NLE), that was created by Water Stewardship to calculate estimated nutrient and sediment loads for agricultural and urban tracts and the impact that a Best Management Practice (BMP) or combination of BMPs will have on those loads. When used in Water Stewardship's farm assessment and verification process, NLE estimates each farm's nutrient load before any BMPs were applied, that farm's current load with existing BMPs, and what reductions could occur on the farm if additional BMPs were implemented.