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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is involved in a number of nutrient reduction and management initiatives in both its river and lake basin and Large Marine Ecosystem portfolios. For example, for 15 years UNDP supported efforts to reduce nutrient pollution in the Danube River basin and associated eutrophication in the NW shelf of the Black Sea. A combination of investments and national and regional governance reforms has led to measurable reductions in nutrient emissions, nutrient levels and a near elimination of the Black Sea’s dead zone. Similar efforts are underway in the Yellow Sea, Guinea Current LME, Rio de la Plata, Caribbean and Pacific SIDS, and the East Asian Seas. UNDP has also supported demonstration projects piloting innovative nutrient reduction technologies in Lake Manzala, Egypt and Havana Bay, Cuba. Lastly, UNDP is presently supporting efforts to harvest, codify and disseminate best practices in nutrient management in CEE Europe through its ‘Living Water Exchange’ project.